Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why Didlow Down?

Now I see you all asking 'How do you name a layout Didlow Down'

The story behind the name started in October 2008, while at a steam rally at Kingsfold with my roller, my girlfriend lives in a very small village in East Sussex called Hadlow Down, she wasnt at the rally with me this weekend but at a steam up at a park in the village, called Tinkers Park. A friend of mine said that I could borrow this pick up to drive other there and pick her up to bring her back.Not calling the village by its real name, 'Why dont you go to Didlow Down and pick her up'.

Well the name has stuck and I thought that I might as well use it for something other than taking the mickey out of her Village.

I have also been thinking about calling the railway company the Great Hedge Railway. Not really sure, Tinkers Park have a 2ft line and it is called the Great Bush Railway.

Should it be GHR, Didlow Down??

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