Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Didlows Deisels

Yes I am affraid to say that the railway company has a hand full of non steam locos, these are mainly small locos, bought from the War Department and other such places, there are plans to add more to the fleet but the company will never ever get rid of steam on the line.
We start the roster with a engine that will primary be used on passeenger services.

This engine is the only one on the railway that is painted in the stock livery of blue and white, will mostly be seen pulling the ex VOR stock and maybe from time to time pulling or shunting freight when nothing else is available to do the job.
This engine was the first that the railway bought from the War Department, they used to use it on passenger trains before they got the more powerful larger 0-6-0 engine above, but can now been seen pulling passenger trains and freight train up and down the line .

This is the second engine from the war Department, it was bought just after the first to haul freight trains, it was found to be more useful around the yard rather than the main line pulling trains

The last deisel loco that the line has at current is a large 0-4-0 + 0-4-0 hydrolic BoBo, this was bought when there was a threat of some heavy freight trains to be run on the line to serve the local woods, but the villagers won the vote to keep the woods and the logging never went ahead, the loco is now used on track maintenance trains, freight trains, moving cold steam locos, and also the odd passenger train, could call it the work horse of the non steam fleet.

The line also has two Deisel railcar, one is one in the works for a re paint into the company livery, which will be able to carry more passengers with its flexabilty to be able to run with its standard two car set up, or a third coach can be added if need be in busy times.

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