Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In the beginning

I have been modelling in 009 for about four years now and this is my first real layout that i have built, wired, and done scenic work on.

The main reason i started building this layout is because of a night at my local 009 club, Sussex Downs 009 Group (yes they have alot to answer for) I spotted a bit of ply board that was looking for a home, and also I was given three points by a friends son after his father passed on.

When I left I took this ply with me, the next day was spent making a base board, planning a layout then a trip to the local model shop was made to get two lengths of crazy track and one point.

Once the plan had been made, that evening was spent laying the track to my plan of course.

As I hadnt the room for a head shunt, I had bought a PECO turntable, this was fitted at the end of the platform to be used as a head shunt, only to be turned to get onto the run round loop, might be used one day for turning railcars who knows.

Once all the track was laid and a fornight had passed I took the layout along to the club where a fellow member sat with me and drew me a wiring plan, which the next day was carried out and I couldnt believe it when it worked.
Since then I have put wire in a tube to all the points, ballasted the track, laid a platform out of balsa wood, and done some other scenic bits to the layout.
I will post some pictures on here as work goes on, locos and stock that will run to and from Didlow Down.

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