Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ready for the 2nd show

I have havent posted on my blogg for a long time, so thought I best keep peopel up to date.
I have been working on the layout for the past month, I have now filled in the space that was empty on the 1st show that it went to, we now have a ploughed field with a scare crow in, with the farmers tractor in, around the field is a post and wire fence.
A Pway gang as been put around the plate layers hut, on sitting having a cuppa, the foreman standing with flags, and a man with a hammer walking back to the hut for his tea. There are some lengths on rusty rail on a pile, and one length with a cutter on ready to be cut up and bended.
I have also added some people onto the platfrom, and another post and wire fench along the side of the road from the station.
I have also but a board aroudn the fiddle yard even thou it is only one road, but I have also put an isolation swtich in so you can hold a train ready there.
I will post some pictures after my next show which is this weekend 8th & 9th August, at Tinkers Park Hadlow Down West Sussex.

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