Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ready for 1st show

Didlow Down is off to its 1st show on Sunday 22 Feb 2009, It will be going with 2 boards, which are about 80% finished as you can see from the pictures, at the moment it is mostly grass, but hopeing to put some hedges etc on very soon.

A Passenger Train comes out of the bridge under the road that leads from the village to the station, on the right is the yard, where a Wallis & Steevens Advance steam roller is currently parked up, on the left is the site of the plate laywers hut.

The loading bay finished, it is able to load and unload 2 wagons.

An over view of the layout with bridge in place.
Will get some pictures from the show to post.

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  1. Nick, the layout is looking very good. I like the Wallis and Stevens Advance it from a kit??